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Recent Photographs

I realized that I haven’t updated my website in the last three years, so here are a few recent images that I’ve been working on. I have about 50,000 photos to work through, and because of that I haven’t had as much chance to shoot new stuff. I’m also looking for a part time retoucher […]

Loliondo and the Medicine of God

We drove for 10 hours but only covered 200 km. The destination was the East African village of Loliondo, where a retired church pastor nicknamed Babu had dreamed up a miracle medicine that would cure all incurable diseases such as AIDS and Diabetes. The treatment had gained incredible popularity, and hordes of East African people […]


A portrait of a Marabou Stork from East Africa. I’ll let you know when I spot a Blobfish as well.

Travel Lighting Techniques in the Middle of Nowhere

I mentioned in another blog post earlier about getting decent quality lighting in very remote places like in the middle of nowhere, Africa. Actually the area is called Lake Eyasi, and it’s about a four hour drive from Arusha, Tanzania. The following unretouched image was shot with two Canon speedlights with wireless transmitters, set on […]

Travel Lighting Technique Used in Tokyo

I’m just getting around to processing some of my images from our trip to Japan with iStockphoto.com. As a ‘social member’ we were really there to hang out in the evenings drinking sake and waking up as late as 4:00 pm. But we did some shooting. I thought I would share this shot, along with […]