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Recent Photographs

I realized that I haven’t updated my website in the last three years, so here are a few recent images that I’ve been working on. I have about 50,000 photos to work through, and because of that I haven’t had as much chance to shoot new stuff. I’m also looking for a part time retoucher […]

Kids with Cameras in East Africa

A while ago I mentioned bringing 25 disposable, single use cameras with me on an African trip, and giving them to children that live in an orphanage. Well, now we have a bag full of processed photo prints along with the negatives, and each envelope is labeled with the name of the corresponding child. Of […]

Zeiss 21mm f2.8 Distagon Review

The Zeiss 21mm 2.8 Distagon is a beautiful lens. It’s the sharpest lens that I use wide open, and by 5.6, the sharpness becomes ludicrous. The build quality is what really sets it apart. Once you handle it, you realize that most other lenses feel like toys, and this one is going to last. But […]

25 Black & White Single Use Cameras

25 single use, or disposable cameras with black and white film just arrived in the mail. Whatever could I do with them? What is …film? Where is the sepia button? I can’t take good pictures without that! Seriously, though. We’re going to be handing them out to children during our next trip to Tanzania. 25 […]

Photoshoot with InspirationALL

I just finished a 6 hour shoot with some incredibly awesome models from InspirationALL Talent Agency here in Vancouver. We had a total of 18 models, and all but four were not from the agency. Other helpers included my producer Niki, Nadia Albano (makeup) and a few friends, totalling 24 people all crammed in a […]