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A Fundraiser for an Orphanage in East Africa

Here’s a project that I’m incredibly proud to be working on. I originally touched on this a while ago, and I’m happy to say that things are moving forward very quickly. Here’s the story… We brought 25 disposable film cameras down to an orphanage in East Africa and gave them to the children. We left for a week […]

Recent Photographs

I realized that I haven’t updated my website in the last three years, so here are a few recent images that I’ve been working on. I have about 50,000 photos to work through, and because of that I haven’t had as much chance to shoot new stuff. I’m also looking for a part time retoucher […]

Loliondo and the Medicine of God

We drove for 10 hours but only covered 200 km. The destination was the East African village of Loliondo, where a retired church pastor nicknamed Babu had dreamed up a miracle medicine that would cure all incurable diseases such as AIDS and Diabetes. The treatment had gained incredible popularity, and hordes of East African people […]


A portrait of a Marabou Stork from East Africa. I’ll let you know when I spot a Blobfish as well.

Kids with Cameras in East Africa

A while ago I mentioned bringing 25 disposable, single use cameras with me on an African trip, and giving them to children that live in an orphanage. Well, now we have a bag full of processed photo prints along with the negatives, and each envelope is labeled with the name of the corresponding child. Of […]

25 Black & White Single Use Cameras

25 single use, or disposable cameras with black and white film just arrived in the mail. Whatever could I do with them? What is …film? Where is the sepia button? I can’t take good pictures without that! Seriously, though. We’re going to be handing them out to children during our next trip to Tanzania. 25 […]