I realized that I haven’t updated my website in the last three years, so here are a few recent images that I’ve been working on. I have about 50,000 photos to work through, and because of that I haven’t had as much chance to shoot new stuff. I’m also looking for a part time retoucher to work in my studio and help manage files. These will hopefully give potential helpers an idea of the photos we’ll be working on, rather than my ridiculously out of date website.

Portrait of an East African Girl

On my latest East African trip I was playing around with light modifiers for my speedlite strobes. This photo in particular was shot with a Lumodi beauty dish that has not really stood up to the rigors of intense travel. It is bent, warped, cracked and the paint is chipping off, but hey, it still works! And this was the only time I had a reason to shoot with it, but I’ll use it a lot more if it lasts long enough. The beauty dish attaches directly to the flash and can give you nice portable portrait lighting effects (www.lumodi.com). I really enjoyed photographing this confident East African girl. More photos of her will come later…

Young Adults Playing Video Games

This was shot in my home studio in Vancouver. Of course the girl won the race, right? According to some kids on a recent photoshoot, “Girls rule. Boys drool.” So it’s important to keep things authentic. For processing this, I used split toning in Lightroom 4 and had to process it a bit heavily because it’s tough to match strobe lighting with gloomy Vancouver ambient light coming in through the window. I’ve been looking for ways to get a strobe outside of my window and have been thinking of approaching the neighboring business across the street to place a strobe on their rooftop. I’m not sure how the rest of the neighbors would feel about the resulting lightning storm that we would create.

Mother and Child Awaiting a Vaccine in an East African Hospital

I was given the opportunity to create some photographs inside of this East African hospital, and one of the themes we shot was childhood vaccines. In this case we were photographing a young child with her mother, and the instant the syringe came out she panicked. Luckily Char brought a toy syringe that squeaks from a toy medical kit (thanks to Camelot Kids for the donation) and we were able to lighten the mood. I like this photograph very much because it depicts a strong sense of humanity. Notice the concern of the mother, the professional and capable nurse, and the discomfort of the child? We don’t like anyone to be uncomfortable during our photoshoots, and this was a very brief moment, but one worth capturing.

South East Asian Fish Farm

I recently spent some time in Singapore and Malaysia. It was an enjoyable trip, but akin to walking through a sauna all day long, only to step into ice cold restaurants and shopping centers to dodge the heat. This particular photo was taken at a fish farm off the coast of Penang. When we showed up we were greeted by several very large dogs that seemed intimidating at first. The biggest one even jumped in our boat. Woah big guy!! But they were friendly dogs and even wanted to follow us off their little ‘island’. Based on the friendliness of the dogs I could tell that I would get along well with the guys that work at the fish farm and not before long we would be enjoying a nice warm beer together. I was curious because the idea of fish farming or the production of any animal for the purpose of human consumption is very much an embarrassment to humanity, but these guys helped restore a little faith in that. My friend Alan that was with me as a translator is a very passionate vegetarian, so it must have been tough for him to be there. He took me to some really nice vegetarian restaurants. Vegetarian satay: best. food. ever. Penang, Malaysia is known as the food capital of the world, and I’m not going to contest that.

Mature Couple Outdoors in a Canoe

And now I’m back home and the Summer is approaching, so the goal this year is to get outdoors as much as possible, hopefully we’ll get some decent photos during this time. I’ve always felt that British Columbia is the most beautiful place in the world, but most of us take it for granted.