Africa Kids with Cameras

A while ago I mentioned bringing 25 disposable, single use cameras with me on an African trip, and giving them to children that live in an orphanage. Well, now we have a bag full of processed photo prints along with the negatives, and each envelope is labeled with the name of the corresponding child. Of course the kids got a copy of their photos, and they LOVED it. Our goal is to create a gallery exhibition and show off the images that have a distinct “kids-eye-view,” and hopefully raise some cash to donate back to the orphanage. A lot of the images are washed out and really grainy, but that adds to the fun. I’ve borrowed a lightbox and loupe from a fellow photographer and soon some friends and I will be digging through looking for some gems.

African Orphan Kids with Disposable Cameras

I just grabbed two envelopes out of the bag and quickly sorted through the prints, and these two stood out. The photograph above was shot by Rosena (eight years old). I don’t know why the one guy is isolated from the group, why he is darker than the rest, or what he is doing in the bush.

African Orphan Kids with Disposable Cameras

The photograph above was shot by Marietha, who is also eight years old.

I’m really looking forward to working on this project as part of my East African re-contribution efforts.