Here is the updated version of the banner size, with additional information.

If you’re too lazy to read my post, or you have a deadline in five minutes, the Facebook banner size is 851 x 314 pixels.

If you do have the time and want to be pleasantly entertained by my… umm… grandiloquence, please carry on.

Facebook Banner Size in Pixels

I had trouble finding accurate pixel dimensions for facebook profile picture and banner sizes, so I thought it would be fun to create my own. And yes, that was a lot of fun! What better thing to do on a Friday night? I miss the days of being a graphic designer.

The standard Facebook profile page and other pages are different, but not by much. The profile picture simply drops by 17 pixels on business and fan pages, which can be a bit confusing if you do a google search for the actual pixel dimensions. I found that in general, the dimensions weren’t very accurate and possibly ‘eye-balled’ to get close enough. But for sticklers like myself, I simply can’t handle inaccurate pixel dimensions (blaarghh!).Β Anyone on the internets can copy and paste information, but it’s important that that information is accurate, otherwise false information can spread like wildfire. Not that facebook pixel dimensions are all that important, but if I can save someone a couple of minutes ofΒ head scratching, I’ll be happy.

The numbers in the diagram above are 100% accurate down to the pixel level. I checked and double checked them at 800% in Photoshop. The JPG file can be opened in Photoshop to see the perfectly aligned guides as well, so feel free to use that as a template. If the current Facebook page design changes, I’ll look into updating the diagram.